Quality Culture Partners believes that an organization’s culture, the “connective tissue” that enables its success, consists of three fundamental elements – its Products, People and Customers.



Quality Culture Partners has demonstrated success in…

Product Assessment

We identify capability gaps against product specifications and develop improvement strategies using proven methodologies. 

Performance Measurement 

QCP establishes KPI (Key Performance Indicator) metrics that fully tie to business/operational outcomes.


The QCP team has a long history of building and developing Quality Teams and Quality Leaders that collaborate, build partnerships in and outside the company and get results.

Coaching & Mentoring 

QCP provides one-on-one coaching to develop high-potential quality leaders as well as to counsel executive leaders on how to best leverage the capabilities of individuals and teams.

Organizational Assessment

We offer advice and recommendations on how to achieve a Quality Culture that is positioned to deliver sustained excellence in quality, food safety and customer satisfaction.


What is your business currently doing to win – or lose – customers?

Customer Diagnostic

QCP reviews Quality practices and how they impact the customer experience. We make recommendations and develop programs that insure a customer-first approach.

Key Quality Processes

We guide executive leaders on:

  • Creation of Crisis Management Programs from a basic plug-play template to more customized applications. 
  • Establishment of Customer Feedback and Response Systems.